Which WordPress Themes Should You Use? – What I Use On My Websites!

It's fun knowing which WordPress themes people use for their websites. Many website owners are allergic to revealing the theme they're using, I still can't fathom why it's such a big deal being so secretive.

If you love what someone else uses, there are decent tools that are quite good at disclosing what themes and plugins bloggers are using. I for one use Spybar, it's cheap and cheerful and can be used on various browsers. I think it's worth having as I feel it's very useful at times. 

Which WordPress Themes Are The Best?

It is a matter of personal opinion which theme to choose, but there are some guidelines what to look out for. 

When first choosing a theme, you'll probably be looking for something either eye-catching with sliders or possibly big images at the top of the theme to represent your niche.

I think there's a lot wrong with that thinking and here is why...simplicity is always a better option because these type of themes rank better in Google.

There are of course many other reasons, and for this I highly recommend you take a read at my in-depth article Top Free WordPress Themes – Expert Collection, Best Features & Guide. It covers 'what to look out for', free vs premium', 'themes to consider and catches', 'my top free WordPress themes recommendations', 'what to expect when changing your theme', and much more.

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Which WordPress Themes Do I Use?

This is a very good question. I used to use DIY Thesis Themes, though clean and beautiful they can be a little tougher to set up and use compared to Genesis Themes and Thrive Themes.

I currently own four websites, two are blogging sites and two are business sites. Here are my other sites for you to check out and read my reviews:

I use both Genesis Themes and Thrive Themes because they're sophisticated, simple and clean. You simply cannot get away from their uncomplicated coding. You can count on both being fast and lite, HTML5, CSS3, schema.org markup, flexible, mobile responsive design, optimized for fab SERPs, great security and much more. Genesis offers inbuilt SEO, but with Thrive Themes you have to use Yoast or something similar.

More About Genesis Themes:

Genesis themes are actually child themes built on the amazing Genesis framework by StudioPress. Check out Why Genesis is the Foundation of Any Smart WordPress Design? They are responsive on any device, offer powerful coding, compatible browser support with the most recent versions, can translate into any language you prefer, GPL license with StudioPress Pro Plus, Customizer, unlimited domain usage and more. 

Unlike Thrive, StudioPress don't offer compatible plugins for their themes on their site, you need to look for them in the WordPress Repository. 

One thing I love about Studiopress is that a few years ago I splurged out on their Pro-Plus All Theme-Package. That was the best decision I ever made because I now get access to every theme they've developed and all their new releases. It’s the best deal, especially if you like to update your theme from time to time like I do or own more than one website.

It's fun knowing which WordPress themes people use for their websites. Many website owners are allergic to revealing their theme, but here I reveal all!

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More About Thrive Themes:

Thrive Themes was founded by Shane Melaugh and tech crazy Paul McCarthy. Thrive offer a similar package deal to Genesis which is their Thrive Themes Membership. For many bloggers, Thrive Themes is the first port of call for themes and plugins because they are a reputable company offering outstanding compatible products all in one location.

Thrive Themes are totally different to Genesis themes because Thrive has 'what I call' inbuilt plugins/features into their themes and also offer separate compatible plugins. These plugin/features are social media, image optimization, 404 page, related posts, commenting options and much more. 

Some exclusive benefits owning their membership is that you get unlimited support, constant updates, monthly webinars, email content courses, regular website reviews and feedback, regular homepage improvement tutorials, Thrive Themes University and much more. Don't take my word for it, check out my article Thrive Themes Membership Review – Is Your Business Toolbox Empty?

Which WordPress Theme Do I Like The Most And Why?

Please bear in mind each website is niche dependent, therefore, my recommendations are based on my own likings and experience.

Thrive Themes: Thrive Themes Rise and Focus are particularly smart, but I opted for Minus because it suited this site better. All of Thrive themes are easy to install, set up is quick and features are relatively similar, though each theme's look and feel are different. 

Genesis Themes: Not one are alike in look and feel, and all are different in setting up. For me, it's a case of which company is better to buy a Genesis theme from? Hands down, it has to be StudioPress because they're currently the only company that offers a good forum, quality coding is guaranteed and they appear to be the only company offering a Pro-Plus Package at an exceptional price. Out of all their themes, I like their Genesis Academy Pro because it's sophisticated, clean and super easy to set up.

StudioPress or Thrive Themes? In essence, I believe Thrives Themes are better. But, to answer that properly, you'd be better reading my article Genesis Vs Thrive Themes – Be Informed Choose The Right Tools!

If this article has been of help to you please let me know!


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