Thrive Leads Review – Does It Do What It Says & Is It Worth It?

Thrive Leads review

Before I embark on my Thrive Leads review you need to know that I'm an avid Thrive user of all their products, not just Thrive Leads. I'd say, it's impossible to give a fair review if you have zero knowledge of a product wouldn't you? Of all the list building plugins on the planet, this has to be the baby I'd recommend to everyone, it is the creme-del-la-creme and I believe there's no other quite like it

You can not help but love their Leads; I use it, I love it and think it's awesome - but is it as good as it's competitors? Today, I'm also going to show you how their Leads works. You can be confident that this Thrive Leads review is as real as it gets!

how does Thrive Leads Compare?

Whatever your business, the smartest way to grow it is by building your email list. And what better format than Thrive Leads - for the price you simply can't get any better.

If your using WordPress then your half way there to becoming an awesome list builder!

You can forget about multiple plugins that conflict with each other and having to relying on one way to generate leads. Thrive Leads has it all, it's the all-in-one list-building solution offering multiple features to help you experiment.

You're never on your own; for every feature that their Leads offers there's teaching available and in most cases it's in video format. I've personally found that this company are very helpful; I'm always mailed weekly video's and teaching of how to increase my conversions, explanations of new features and updates, improvements, bug fixes and much more.

​You can check their latest releases on their blog here

Thrive leads offers an extensive library of templates, you can use as is or even recreate if you wish. For example, with their landing pages you can use a ready-made template for your leads, redesign it or even create an original from the Thrives blank template.

Another plugin created by Thrive Themes is their Thrive Architect – Everything Has A Beauty But Not Everyone Sees It, this is also awesome and features tons of pre-made optins and landing pages. It works extremely well with their Leads plugin.

Getting Creative with Optin Forms

You can be as creative as you want with your optins, plus your leads can be as small, big, wide or as long as you really is up to you!

Your optins can be added in any of these areas:

After Post

Top of Post

On blog post between content


Sidebar widgets


Pop up lightboxes

One of the nicest things I love about their Leads is that you can create popups that produce a trigger reaction whenever readers click, rollover with their mouse or you can create a trigger reaction upon screen entry.​ Plus, you can also add standard and a 2-step lightbox.

You are free to add as many optins as you like, though I do feel it's not wise to overload your website with tons of them as to overwhelm your readers.

With their Leads you're not stuck with one type of otpin, for example you might have various offers for different posts, pages, homepage or a category; this means each each optin can be created relevant to your offer and added anywhere on your site to increase conversions.

If you're feeling really creative, their Leads also offer 2-step optins, which can be created via the dashboard. These have been found to produce huge impact on conversion rates. Adding your 2-steps optins is super easy to set up, it is done using shortcode system.

Understanding The Leads Dashboard

Once your plugins are activated, you will be taken to the Thrive Themes dashboard, check first image below. This is where you'll access all your installed Thrive plugins and theme, each tab has its own dashboard and is the central point for navigating around Thrive Themes.

When you click on the Thrive Leads tab you'll be taken to the its dashboard. Or for example, if you were to click on the Thrive Architect tab, you'd be taken to the Thrive Architect dashboard.

One bonus that I've come to like is how everything is centralized including being able to access API Connections, Custom fonts, Retina icons and General settings all in one place.

Below is an image of the the Leads dashboard...for more information regarding Thrive Dashboard check out this video here

Thrive Leads Dashboard

The Leads dashboard is easy and hassle free, it is the place where you'll create your optins. After creating your optin forms, you can choose how you want it to perform, do A/B testing and regularly check statistics and much more. 

Their dashboard also informs you of your conversion rates and impressions; you can opt to display on mobile, duplicate, display frequency, trigger optins to show after a period of time, create animation ie zoom in and much more - more of the meaning of these below.

As you can see, Thrive Leads optins can be placed using shortcodes, this means that once you've designed your optin you can add it anywhere effortlessly. You can also test your optins to check which convert the best, for me this is a real bonus. 

Meaning Behind The Leads Settings

Trigger Meaning:

Triggers are based on entry timing of your form, check the options below:

Immediately display on article load

Display optin after a period of time (defined up to 100 seconds)

Display when the reader scrolls a percentage of the way down your article (defined 0 - 100%)

Display when reader reaches the bottom of your article

Display when your reader scrolls to a specific part of your article (defined by class or ID)

Display when your reader clicks a specific element of your article (defined by class or ID)

Display when your reader is about to exit your article (this is called exit intent)

Display when the form enters view port

Animation Meaning:

Animation is based on lightbox options and are dependent up on which form you choose, check the current options below:


Zoom In

Zoom Out


Slide in from Top

Slide in from Bottom

Slide in from Left

Slide in from Right

3D Slit

3D Horizontal Flip

3D Vertical Flip

3D Sign

3D Rotate Bottom

3D Rotate Left


Make Way

Slip from Top

Bounce In

Bounce In Down

Bounce In Left

Bounce in Right

Bounce in Up​

Position Meaning:

Position means where you set you form within your article and these are the current options available:


Bottom left​

Bottom right​

​After 1/10 paragraphs


Top left

​Top right

Frequency Meaning:

Frequency means how often you want your forms to be displayed, check the current options:

0 (All the time)

Every 1 - 100 (days)

A/B Testing Meaning:

A/B testing strategies can accelerate your conversions quite rapidly, for example:

​With just a few clicks you can test different designs and content, you can change the headline, add a new image or switch colors to get 2 test variations to pit against each other.​

You can test different forms and optins types against each other, ie a lightbox popup vs. a slide-in form or a widget vs. a ribbon.

You can test entirely different offers such as an eBook as your opt-in incentive vs. a 4-day video course. Whatever combination you have on offer, it is possible to test with their Leads. You can also sign readers up to different funnels and follow-up sequences.

Connecting your Forms to Autoresponders

The Leads plugin offer the option to connect to more than 20 online autoresponders, these are extremely easy to connect. For their current apps check below:

API Autoresponder Connections:




WordPress account













Active Campaign

Email Delivery Services:




Amazon SES

SendInBlue Email

Captcha Services:


Webinar Services:

Webinar JamStudio

Go ToWebinar

If you don't see your service provider don't fret because their Leads is compatible with hundreds more services by using its HTML form integration method. I currently use Mad Mimi; and by using their HTML code I simply plonked it into Thrive Leads connection to make it work - it's as easy as that!

What's so incredibly amazing about Thrive Themes plugins and of course their themes is that they do not conflict with each other.

There is nothing worse when plugins and themes that conflict with each other...

Imagine you've put in all that work, then one day one of your plugins stop working; this type of conflict has happened to me and believe me it's more than frustrating.

My Thrive Leads Review Conclusion

At first I found the Leads plugin somewhat overwhelming partly because I'd never handled this type of plugin before. However, after watching Thrive's training videos on their site, I soon found it relatively easy to use and had everything set up quite quickly.

I will say that it's easy for beginners with zero experience, and no technical skills or design skills are required. Thrive offer extensive tutorials, training content, case studies and webinars and they have an amazing support team that is there to help you out with any questions that you might have.​

If you sell products on your website ie as an affiliate, you're dependent on ad revenue or you may be selling your own product, then having a good list building strategy like the Leads plugin will be the most important and profitable thing you do for your website.

The Leads plugin is all about growing your mailing list. It offers the simplest and hottest solution to turn your readers into customers easily, I believe no other can compare.

You can put your conversion optimization on autopilot & Thrive will automatically monitor performances.

You can use smart analytics to gain actionable insights.

It is a WordPress plugin so requires WordPress to run it.

You can upgrade from a single site license to an unlimited personal site license any time.

The real emphasis with the Leads plugin is conversion optimization, though you will notice it also focuses on functionality and performance.

Create hyper-targeted offers.

The leads plugin creates beautiful pop ups.

It is fully responsive ie mobile friendly.

Offers simple A/B testing strategies.

You can put your conversion optimization on autopilot so you can set and forget.

The Leads plugin will not negatively impact your site's loading times.

Within the plugin interface there are tutorial videos that explain exactly what you're seeing and how to use it.

Another cool feature they include are regular training webinars for their customers, which include how to convert, get the most out of it, competitions and much more.

With your purchase, you get one full year of free technical support. If you need support afterwards, then you could purchase another year of support for just $40 or purchase any one of their other products to extend your support by one year. Another option is to become a Thrive Themes Member which is what I opted for - I felt it was more cost effective and it gives you access to all their products, future products and unlimited support.

Why Not Transform The Way You Lead?

Thrive Leads Package Options

When you sign up you will be presented with 3 options:

  • 1. Single site ($67 annually) – This option can be installed & activated on one website that you own and offers one year support. 
  • 2. Unlimited sites ($97 annually) – This is the one I opted for before upgrading to the full-membership package deal. You can install and activate it on unlimited websites that you own and it offers one year support. 
  • 3. Agency license ($49 monthly) – This option applies to Agencies and offers of Thrive's plugins and themes. You can use on unlimited websites that you own and use on client websites; this option offers one year support.

Thrive Themes are convinced you'll love their their Leads plugin and you will be able to easily build any opt-in form and streamline your site's lead generation. If you are not happy with your results within the first 30 days for ANY reason, their refund process is simple, painless and easy.

I’m probably not the first to say that all their products are awesome!

Just to clarify, if you own Thrive's full-membership, then you automatically receive the Thrive Leads including all future themes and plugins plus teachings to help you succeed.

Another benefit regarding their service is that once you're locked in as a member whichever package, your future price never increases - period! This means if you want to resubscribe year after year, you'll never pay more than what you originally paid - how cool is that?

So, what do you think about the the Leads plugin? Do you use it, if so feel free to let me know what your views?


You're talking to Sharon May...I love all things creative. Why not use my years of expertise to fast track your website? Today, let me show you how to make the right choices that will deliver! Explore the amazing things you can do when creating a website. Give yourself more power and less worry over what you can trust!

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