The Landing Factory – Just When You Thought You’d Exhausted all Options!

The Landing Factory

The Landing Factory has developed some awesome designs for Thrive Themes which work alongside their Thrive Content Builder. This is a WordPress plugin made by Thrive Themes, I use this on all my websites and find it extremely useful. For more details feel free to explore my article Thrive Architect – Everything Has A Beauty But Not Everyone Sees It!

The TLF templates are awesome because you can now get more snazzy frontpage templates, funnels and landing pages without having to redesign Thrive's existing designs.

When you're really busy, owning ​those extra templates can be a real God sent. Having these at hand can unload the burden so you can concentrate creating more content for your site - a no brainer and a blessing in disguise!

Maybe you're wondering why you'd need more?

TLF create all those fancy opt-in pages, sales pages, webinar pages and other high converting marketing pages to save you hours of valuable work time, increase your opt-in rates, get more leads and make more sales.

Their templates are more niche specific, this is not to say Thrive Themes don't offer niche specific...they do and they're very good, but it's nice to know Shane Melaugh from Thrive Themes endorses The Landing Factory and that there are plenty more in supply.

This is what he says:​

Shane Melaugh

The Landing Factory is a great resource for anyone who wants to get even more variety of templates and designs for Thrive Landing Pages.

What Templates Do The Landing Factory Offer?

As you can see The Landing Factory offer a wide range of niche templates, here are a few of them:

Affiliate Templates​

Coming Soon Templates​

Homepage Templates​

Gaming Templates​

Giveaway Templates​

Niche Templates​

Membership Course Templates​

Optin Templates​

Review Templates​

Sales Templates​

Social Media Templates​

Special Offer Templates​

Thank You Templates​

Webinar Templates​

Currently, there are over 250 template designs to choose from, plus each month they add twenty more.

And, if that's not enough The Landing Factory offer custom built templates...

Even with so many to choose from, sometimes we've got that perfect imagery template in our mind that might be impossible to find. ​Whatever template you've in mind, TLF will keep your custom built template unique to no other website will be able to own it.

What are the best templates on The Landing Factory?

I totally get it that going through all TLF website could be time consuming that's why I decided to add some screenshots here of their best and most beautiful looking templates. 

Red Show Off Sales Page
Quit Smoking Start Vaping
Funky Membership Page
MyBiz Coming Soon Page
The Highligh Homepage
Cloudy Opt-in Page
Webinar Registration Landing Page
Confirm Email Landing Page
My Book Sales Page
App World Sales Page
Industrial Opt-in Page
Legacy Opt-in Page
Weekly Opt-in Page
Woody Opt-in Page

What About their membership License?

The Landing page Factory offers two membership options, both are awesome if you plan to use more than a handful of their templates. 

They offer a personal license for $16 p/m and an agency​ for $33 p/m. Both are very good and offer similar features. The difference between both are the savings if you were to buy each template individually and how you can use each template. 

For more details feel free to explore their options...


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