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StudioPress Pro Plus Package

To help you in your search for that all-exclusive and perfect theme design, we’ll be looking at StudioPress Pro Plus — one of the best-known, and most established players in the business! Genesis themes are considered an all-in-one theme with accompanied compatible plugins. These type of 'all-in-one' themes are currently all the rage and are a must-have if you love Genesis. 

Sometimes StudioPress offer incredible discounts, as much as $100 off. Their offers come and go throughout the year but one thing I believe, is that, the the Pro Plus should be grabbed whether on special offer or not. Genesis themes are so awesome with or without a discount because they're considered a lifetime investment!

Why StudioPress Pro Plus?

StudioPress is a company that sells Genesis themes, there are also many other companies that sell Genesis themes...check my reviews on this site. Because I own all Genesis themes, I am in a position to give you honest reviews. Check out my theme reviews Genesis Child Themes From StudioPress Plus All Third Parties.

Out of all the Genesis themes sold on the internet, StudioPress is the one company I recommend the most because they offer an amazing variety of themes including third-party options. You can also buy their framework without having to venture to another website. 

A few years ago I splurged on the StudioPress Pro Plus package; that was the best decision I ever made because I now get access to every theme they've developed and all future releases free.

For me and those owning the Pro Plus agree $499 is worth it. I have to say, it's the one purchase I will never regret buying for my business. If you like updating your theme from time to time like I do, own more than one website or are a developer then you need the Pro Plus. Don’t take my word for it – check out StudioPress Pro Package in action!

Should you ever want to change your Genesis child theme, you'll never need to worry about it negatively affecting your ratings or SEO rankings. 

Changing the design of your website from one Genesis theme to another is relatively straightforward because the underlying code remains the same. This means the foundation of your site will remain intact, while the outward appearance is changed. All you have to do is give a different look and feel. Even your SEO tags will remain the same because these are inbuilt into the framework not the child theme.

Another StudioPress beauty is their WordPress Hosting, again it's accessible without having to venture elsewhere. When everything can be accessed under one roof it contributes to less stress. Their worry-free WordPress hosting is built for people who are want their hosting “all sorted for them." To say the least, it's lightning-fast and easy to set up, and is optimized for all Genesis sites.

How Genesis Themes Work?

A good way of explaining Genesis themes is that firstly you have a main frame, which is called the Genesis framework. Secondly, this framework is supported and enhanced by installing one of the many child themes. Together, they create a solid foundation for your website. 

I often hear StudioPress describing Genesis themes as:

  • 'WordPress' as the engine of your car
  • 'Genesis' as the frame and body
  • 'Child theme' as the paint job 

This means that if you choose a theme from StudioPress, you’ll also be choosing the Genesis Framework. The framework is a one-off purchase, but you can buy as many child themes as you like.

You can choose a StudioPress theme that’s been built for creating a specific type of website, these are called niche themes. This means if you own a cafe, then choose a cafe theme. You can also install compatible Genesis plugins for your project. Don’t take my word for it – check out StudioPress Pro Package in action!

Genesis Unlimited Features

Studiopress is usually the first port of call to look for Genesis themes and of course, it’s framework; together they work like magic and here's why:

Genesis Unlimited Features
  • Guaranteed accessibility-ready
  • Featured images
  • Are translation ready
  • HTML5 & CSS markup
  • Customizable header
  • Theme Customizer
  • Genesis settings
  • Layout options
  • Schema ready
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO optimized

And, much more...bearing in mind every Genesis theme offers it's own unique features as well.

Genesis is also considered one of the best because they’re sophisticated, offer lightweight top-notch coding, no bloat from excessive built-in features, updates are a breeze, security is tighter than ever, simplified interface, huge selection of designs and are easily customized using the additional custom CSS in their settings. Don’t take my word for it – check out StudioPress Pro Package in action!

Genesis plugins are also easily accessible and there’s an active forum which offers its own unique community.

genesis vs other all-in-one WordPress themes

The current popularity of multipurpose WordPress themes such as DIY themes, Divi by Elegant Themes and Thrive Themes demonstrates that there is a huge demand for all-in-one themes. We do have to be careful with all-in-one's because there can be code bloating which inevitably slows down your website.

One WordPress theme I particularly dislike is Avada (not Genesis) because it's excessively huge, its interface is overly bloated and it's difficult to understand. It is better to stick with companies such as DIY Themes, Elegant Themes who've developed Divi and Thrive Themes, and of course StudioPress Pro Plus...these are renown for light top-notch coding 'hence' no bloating, fast speed, simplified admin interface, and guaranteed optimization.

StudioPress Pro Package with unlimited #WordpressThemes expectations offering you extra-ordinary designs with awesome simplified features that rock!

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Top StudioPress Themes

Of course, you'll always want to consider installing the top selling themes from StudioPress. Here are my monthly updates for you to review Top 10 Best Selling Themes From StudioPress – You’ll Love This Month! This post offers my take on each theme and my favorite out of their top ten.

I began taking notes of their top ten themes from as far back as 2016, there have since been many new themes added, but some that remain consistently at the top are:

1. Foodie Pro this is a recipe niche theme and offers a blog look and feel, it was an award winner for many months.

2. Magazine Pro this is a magazine theme with a slight blog look and feel.

3Infinity Pro this is one of my favorites and I use this on two of my other websites.

4. Refined Pro if you like feminine themes with unlimited features, then this is your baby.

5. Academy Pro is very easy to use.

6. Authority Pro this is very similar to Academy, but with slightly different features and is easier to set up

Building Your Site with StudioPress

When you purchase a theme from StudioPress, you get full access to the theme you buy and the framework. If you've bought the StudioPress Pro Plus, you'll have full access to all past, present and future themes. This includes installation, theme setup instructions and there's a support forum for extra help. 

Installation couldn't be easier, you firstly download the Genesis Framework and your chosen theme from StudioPress. Because both are lightly coded there is no need to unzip them compared to some (ie Avada) that are so heavily coded that they need to be unzipped and uploaded via Firezilla. 

Secondly, upload the Genesis Framework, then your chosen theme. And that's it, you are now free to get started on the look and feel you crave for your website. Check out Why Genesis is the Foundation of Any Smart WordPress Design?

Rounding Up StudioPress Pro Plus

Remember I said StudioPress sometimes have special offers. You have to keep checking their website because they rarely advertise and their specials usually last only a few days...which is a bummer! When it comes to buying themes from StudioPress, there are two pricing options:

  • Single StudioPress child theme including Genesis Framework from $99.95 to $129.95
  • Genesis Framework is $59.95 (I do not recommend using the framework without a theme)
  • StudioPress Pro Plus Complete Package $499

As you can see if you own more than one website, love changing themes or are a developer then it makes sense to buy the Pro Plus. StudioPress Pro Plus is worth every penny whether it's on offer or not, but obviously, while it's on offer you need to take advantage. 

I am a huge fan of Genesis themes, I believe they're one of the best on the market. If you're wanting an extremely well-built and great-looking unique design that can easily be installed, low-maintenance, zero bloating, and have up and running with little fuss then Genesis is your answer.

 Find out why over 200,000 customers trust StudioPress →


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