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Producing good content writing is the backbone of any successful website. And so, this is where the rubber hits the've designed your website and have everything in its place, but one thing is missing - quality content! If you know your niche well, then this should not be overly difficult. 

We all know that writing compelling and informative content will nearly always require some level of research on your chosen topic. It needs to be reliable, accurate, valuable with a sense of expertise and variety. There are several ways to do this, and it's this I aim to help you perfect.

How To Start Content Writing

You need to make your readers feel as if they're communicating with you, and vise versa. Some writers assume their readers know nothing about the given topic, so they make the mistake of thinking they have to lecture their readers.

At the same time, you need to write as if some of your readers know very little about your niche, which means you have to write content with depth without making your readers feel as though they're ignorant.

People go to your site to learn about your topic, they also interact with you via the WordPress Comments. It's from this many great articles are born on your site with each one interlinking with keywords and phrases.

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Some goods ways of improving writing skills is to read other peoples blogs and buy some books that are relevant to your new website. Spend some time checking out your competition, other professional blog layouts, designs, content writing style, how they optimize and how they promote products.

Content Writing Tips

creating content
  • Whether you're a pro or not, it's always good to spend a little time creating a strategy before you start tapping at the keyboard. Knowing what you want to write is key.
  • Behind every successful blog there is unique and extraordinary content. You will need to write better than other bloggers, and one way of doing that is knowing your niche well...better than your competitors.
  • It’s a good idea to write as if you’re talking to your best friend. I was taught to not write complicated but that of a 13 year old. 
  • The average blog post today should be around 1500 to 2000 words. There are times when a blog post calls for less or even more, I have written a couple of posts with 600 words and a couple with 6000 words. This article has 1400.
  • Write your most engaging content above the fold where your visitors read before scrolling down. This should be eye-catching, if it’s not, your readers may leave quicker than you want.
  • Your content should be aimed at new readers, not existing ones because they're already the loyal ones. Think about it, every new visitor becomes a reader...and readers lead to subscribers which in turn creates more loyal customers.
  • Write content that's long lasting, ie an article that Google and Bing will love in years to come. 'How To Start a Blog' is better than 'The Best Of In 2018'.
  • You will need to solve problems for your readers while still getting more attention, promotion, and sales. You will need to know how to write amazing content, get top ranking keywords to attract visitors with an end result of acquiring more subscribers. 
  • Images need to match your content, and if you're promoting a product it too needs to be relevant. There is nothing worse being on a website that promotes irrelevant ads and products.
  • Your source of information needs to be accurate, actionable, and be slightly varied within your niche. Also, your content writing needs to be fresh and unique, it's this that will make you a hit!
  • Be careful with how wide your content is laid out, ie use small sentences and paragraphs because our eyes can't convey text on a screen like they can when reading a book. 
  • Try to publish your article at the same time as every other article you've written. I always aim to publish at 8am.
  • Infographics are the rage at the moment as are videos, webinars, worksheets, references, testimonials, checklists, podcasts, deliberate call-to-actions as below and interviews.

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Why Keywords are Important For Content

A keyword is what people are searching for in Google and they're extremely important. Every company has their own system of producing keywords, some are super complicated. For example Market Samurai is complicated for me, yet Jaaxy is simple. 

Content Writing

The aim of using good quality keywords is to find what will give a higher ranking in Google. Keywords are about finding gaps in the search engine system where there's fewer competition so your own site will be noticed quicker and easier.

Research your keywords and go hard for the ones you want for your niche. Long tail keywords as oppose to two or three words are wonderful. The right keyword in your article is not only written for search engines to love you and to find you, but it’s about attracting readers as well. Keywords also help you to rank in Google.

Even if you don’t initially rank in all the search engines you know you will eventually, this is because people are searching for that particular word or phrase. You may not be an instant hit with Goggle or any other search engine straight away so please don't expect fame overnight, everything takes time.

Where to Get Your Keywords

There are many companies on the internet encouraging you to buy their keyword tool and most aren't cheap.

  • There's one that's never failed me and that's Wealthy Affiliate's free keyword tool. They also have a paid version called Jaaxy, although awesome and adds more features, their free version hasn't let me down. You'll be pleased to know that Wealthy Affiliate offer video training how to use their free keyword tool and how to implement keywords into your articles.
  • Google Adword tool is great to use when you're stuck for content writing ideas. Also, examining other bloggers niches in your field is always a good choice.
  • Installing Yoast plugin is a great SEO tool for any site. It’s popular, has many features, it will help your SEO, and educate you as you use it.

How to Perfect Your Articles

Before writing an article it's important you know the main keyword and what other keywords and phrases you can add.


It's always better to write for your readers not the search engines. On the hand, don't stuff as many keywords as you can into your articles because that'll look hideous, and Google will penalize you. 

Before I write an article, I often know what I'm going to write about. Even though I know and understand my niche well, I still research my information. Oftentimes, I will update my articles because relevancy can change.

Here are 6 things that make a quality article:

  • 1. Create smaller paragraphs of 2-3 sentences.
  • 2. Separate your ideas with quality headings and in H1, H2 and H3 order as I have done in this article.
  • 3. Use black or dark grey text on white background, the clearer your background the better.
  • 4. Write as you speak, people will love and follow you because of your personality.
  • 5. Use captivating headlines, a plugin that I particularly like is the Thrive Headline Optimizer.
  • 6. Avoid using a seabed of text in your images; to overcome this use relevant images that shout out what your article conveys.

When writing your content, it should flow naturally, and the keywords need to match your topic at all times. This brings focus and structure to your article; without it, your article could end up looking chaotic.

I find keywords benefit me in another way, the help me keep my articles to the point without running off on a tangent or into another subject.

And There You Have It

To check you've covered all the steps go here 6 Easy Steps to Creating a WOW Website...And, Build a Sustainable Business!

It doesn't matter how much blogging experience you have, you will always start where you're at and what you currently know. Eventually as your revenue increases, you'll gradually be able to dump the full-time employment to blog full-time on your site.

Just that thought a lone sounds so awesome!


You're talking to Sharon May...I love all things creative. Why not use my years of expertise to fast track your website? Today, let me show you how to make the right choices that will deliver! Explore the amazing things you can do when creating a website. Give yourself more power and less worry over what you can trust!

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