Power of Positive Thinking – Is it in our Heads or our Hands?

positive thinking

For many years during my younger years when I didn't have a care in the world, I wondered if the power of positive thinking was some sort of invisible entity that made me negative. Or was it actually my head that was the problem.

When I reached my 30's I started to notice that I had power over my thoughts. This was later confirmed when I had my children, especially as they grew older.

I learned that negative or positive thinking was a conditioning, and how you think determines your future. I found that whatever you thought, it ultimately reflected into all areas of your life such as business, your family...children and friends, what you eat and drink, and much more.

What is Positive Thinking?

Preparation is one of the keys to a successful mindset. Rushing into an idea almost always fails, so here are some thought-provoking pointers to help you on your way.

I once came across two profound statements written by a great man in the Bible named Solomon, he said:

  • ‘The plans of the diligent lead to advantage, But everyone who is hasty comes to poverty’...Prov 21v5.
  • 'It is not good for a man to be without knowledge'...Prov 9v2.

For many years, I believed in that old-fashioned statement 'Ignorance is bliss'. While there may be a little truth in this, I feel you're less cautious of the world around you, therefore, you are open to being used or even abused. When you know and understand more, you have a lot more wisdom. 

Understanding knowledge is what produces wisdom, it is the commodity of life! Let's take a look at how negative and positive thinking can affect our lives:

Positive Thinking = Success
  • Have a sense of gratitude
  • Compliment others
  • Forgive others
  • Give credit for other people's victories
  • Love learning new ideas
  • Talk about ideas
  • Share information and data
  • Exude joy
  • Able to laugh at their mistakes
  • Do not bad mouth others
  • Embrace change
  • Set goals and aim to accomplish them
  • Keep a to-do book or journal
Negative Thinking = Unsuccessful
  • Have a sense of entitlement
  • Love to critize
  • Hold grudges
  • Hope other people fail
  • Blame others for their failures
  • Watch TV for endless hours
  • Hoard information
  • Exude anger
  • Take the glory from other peoples success
  • Full of dreams but never do anything
  • They think they know it all
  • Don't keep a to-do book
  • Make out they're bigger than they really are

Over the years, I've collated some very positive and simple ways to help maintain a healthy mindset ie positive thinking. I have collated eight steps for you to consider, here they are:

1. Organizing Your Life

Cultivating an organized lifestyle makes it easier to achieve a healthy mindset and your goals.

When my now adult children were babies, I quickly learned that a daily agenda written on paper worked wonders. Today, I still use that, but I also use a weekly plan, a monthly plan, a yearly plan and to dream a 10-year plan.

It is essential to have short and long-term goals. Having no goals and wondering aimlessly through life offers zero hope and zero positivity. 

Structuring one’s life produces incentives, but the key to its success is not to beat yourself over the head if the goal changes direction!

2. Organizing Your Time

Time goes by too quickly. My children are all grown up now, but when they were toddlers I found that if I pre-planned my schedule the day before, I achieved a lot more the following day.

Some people feel that creating a timetable is too time-consuming or a waste of time and effort. I challenge you to make one and try it for at least one week to test how great it is and how much more you can achieve in a day and throughout your week. 

Time is valuable, if you're proactively challenging yourself it automatically creates positive thinking.

Structuring your day is wise and it helps you to achieve more. The key to its success is to not beat yourself over the head if you miss a planned event, just schedule it for tomorrow.

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3. Preparing For Good Health

How can one function if they’re sick?..They can't, so the key is good health, it's vital for a successful life. In fact, it takes positive thinking to be healthy to avoid being sick.

Good nutrition is the key to good health, this means quality home cooked dinners and eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Limiting grains is always a good idea since most are genetically modified.

I’m a big believer in treating yourself, but this should also be planned as much as possible. However, the key to its success is to not beat yourself over the head if you accidentally have a treat too early in the week or even during the day. Forgive yourself and jump straight back into your plan again.

4. Cultivating A Happy Mindset

Avoid settling for a mediocre mindset, study something new every day and pick new subjects to learn frequently.

Learn a subject until you can converse it without having to look at your notes. I love studying things that I battle with, it gives me a better attitude towards life, it gives me new abilities and I can help other people.

If you’re negative, then train your mind to be positive by speaking words of affirmation to yourself. Words such as:

healthy wealthy lifestyle
  • I am happy and joyful
  • I am wealthy and healthy
  • My self-esteem is healthy
  • I have a successful mindset
  • I have lots of friends
  • I’m intelligent

...and anything else positive or what you'd like to see change.

One quote I've always loved is 'fake it until you make it', I will walk with this to my end because it is so true that what effort you put into something will eventually become the norm to you without even realizing. 

These tips are not only powerful up-lifters, but will eventually find their way into your life without you even trying. You may not feel good or aren’t successful yet, but say them anyway. Stop fretting and nitpicking your life and of course others. Speak words of life instead because the power of life is in the tongue!

5. Loving yourself 

Loving yourself is being respectful, it’s important to listen to your body and its needs providing it is of course healthy. Adhering to your needs is vital, it's called looking after yourself without being selfish. Labeling yourself positively is healthy.

Don’t allow others to put unnatural pressures on you, remember it’s how you choose to live. I cannot be you and you cannot be me, God made us all unique and even our flaws are awesome to Him!

Time is valuable and if it's wasted it's lost forever, it's time to grab it back!

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6. Loving Other People

It’s impossible to love yourself if you hate other people. Loving means helping others needier than yourself, and should you have the means to give then give it. If you see a homeless guy offer some food to make his day.

Concentrate on your abilities and what you do best.

I was brought up to focus on perfecting what you can’t do – this is bad teaching. The truth is if you focus on the positives, then the negatives won’t hang around.

Chase your dreams, be focused, be at peace, love yourself, stop trying to be someone you're not, and keep that positive thinking ticking.

8. Money Isn’t Everything?

How you view money depends on your happiness. Some say money it's the root of all evil, but this isn’t true – this is bad teaching. It’s the ‘love’ of money that’s the root of all evil.

There's nothing wrong with being wealthy, and from personal experience, life is so much sweeter when you have it...You are free to do as you please!

I’ve been wealthy and not so wealthy, so from a first-hand veteran of being in both boats, I can concur which I prefer. When you’re wealthy you can live and eat healthier; you can give more to the poor and although for the wrong reasons you’ll have lots of friends.

I've always been a big giver when I've got it to give, I love helping people. I've learned on the other hand not to be anxious about being wealthy, but at the same time maintain a positive plan to increase it.

Positive Thinking Conclusion

It all starts with the right mindset – it all begins with a happy heart and a positive heart, deliberately forgetting the negatives and pushing yourself to reach limits that you never thought you could reach. Granted these steps are simple, but we've all got to start somewhere...let me know in the comments section your goals and how you've maybe overcome any obstacles. 


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