Foolproof Ways Finding Awesome Domain Names & Hosting

Domain names and the hosting company you choose is as equally important to choosing a niche. Your niche will not only help you create a good domain, but is the beginning of a successful website, especially if you've chosen a good quality hosting company that won't let you down. 

Your domain is how people find you ie Bloggers Refuge and it becomes your url ie, so it needs to be simple and catchy if possible. Your domain needs to be memorable and match your niche.

My Experience Finding Good Domain Names

I was once told not to spend too much time pondering  on domain names, but from personal experience, I think you should take your time.

It took me a week or so to finally come to peace with the name Bloggers Refuge.

But, before arriving at the magical name, I’d spent thousands of hours trying to figure out a great name and not really getting anywhere.

Domain Names

When you’ve thought of a domain name make sure your peers analyze it because it’s very easy to fall in love with a name that could ruin your reputation.

For example think about at this domain name You are probably reading it as Blogger Sex Change, but in actual fact its true name is Bloggers Exchange.

Check out these 31 Funny Domain Names That Will Make You Scream With Laughter! these are an example of what to avoid. They are the most unorthodox names you’ll ever come across, their purpose is to show you how easy it is to make a mistake and how to choose carefully.

The Right Path To Finding Good Domain Names

1) Keep your domain name as simple as possible. Simplicity is the key because people will remember it, know how to spell it, go back to it or bookmark it.

2) Where possible use .com, it is considered the highest ranking by Google. Second to .com, you can consider .org and .net. All three extensions are highly favored by Google.

Other extensions such as .club, .info .co and .me etc are not recommended. Only use .de, .au, etc if your business is country specific.

3) Avoid using misspelt words such as dogs to dogz, great to gr8 or cheese to cheeze etc. People who own sites with misspelt words have to explain how write their domain.

4) Avoid using dashes, symbols and numbers these are difficult to remember. For example is not as good as

5) Avoid words such as best, cheap and top etc in domain names, they do not give your site a good name. These type of words are best left to keywords in articles or for a post url.

6) If you own a product feel free to call your website by your product, brand name, or even your own name, stage name or a nickname; these are okay and are becoming increasingly popular choices.

Choosing a brand name could give you a good authority site, meaning you own the brand and no-one else can take it. Do not use other founders brand domains such as amazon, fiverr etc this is unacceptable, and you will be penalized.

7) Let’s discuss Exact Match Domains or EMD; these are keyword search queries such as ‘long blonde hair’. Type this into Google and you might see at the top of the page. EMDs can produce lots of traffic, can be profitable and are instantly recognisable. The downside to EMDs is that they are now in short supply, but not impossible to generate one. If you buy an EMD, you will more than likely have a ranking advantage.

8) This brings me onto long tail keywords, which are sometimes called low-hanging-fruit. By using long keyword domains you may rank high; the trick is to find good domain names that are reliable, have relevancy and match your niche.

For example, explains exactly what your site will be about, but reveals little to the imagination. A word of warning, avoid very long domain names such as is seriously embarrassing and definitely no good.

9) Remember the acronym KISS – Keep it Simple Sweetie, this proves profitable over and over in every area of life. During 2005, Facebook changed its domain from to, this cost the company a whopping $200k.

The famous was a bad choice name because founders realised surfers couldn’t remember or didn’t know it ended with rr. Therefore, people ended up visiting the parked site To resolve this issue purchased and created a redirect to, this cost the company $70k.

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Buying The Best Domain

Write down what your site is about and from that form some words. From this alone, you’ll create a million ideas and eventually pick a good domain name.

Although a domain name is important, ultimately, it’ll be your content that sells and earns you revenue. If you own a fab domain name but the content is rubbish, then you’ll have little revenue.


If possible, keep it to be two words, at a push three. Remember, it’s all about KISS and memorability. I particularly found these sites to be very helpful and foolproof in finding good domain names: NameMesh and BustaName.

Who to Host Your New Domain With

Generally blogging host where they bought their domain. But, sometimes you just prefer to buy your domain from one company and host it at another.

Your host is where all your files are located so they need to offer a good service like 24-hour support, provide you a fast reliable website, secure server, and more. Check out my recommendations:

Host Papa offer some of the best prices and can often be the cheapest, especially when buying domains. I use them so from experience I definitely believe they deserve a good look in. They are an excellent choice, offer a variety of hosting plans, advanced security, free transfers, unmatched speed, basic training and support is very fast. If you catch their offers they can be as cheap as $1.95 per month for a 36 month contract. 

Check out Host Papa or check out how to set up your domain and blog using Host Papa in my article: 13 Steps How To Start A Blog Using WordPress & Make Money Easily

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And There You Have It

To check you've covered all the steps go here 6 Easy Steps to Creating a WOW Website...And, Build a Sustainable Business!

It doesn't matter how much blogging experience you have, you will always start where you're at and what you currently know. Eventually as your revenue increases, you'll gradually be able to dump the full-time employment to blog full-time on your site.

Just that thought a lone sounds so awesome!


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