Genesis Child Themes From StudioPress Excluding 3rd Parties

Here you can browse all themes from StudioPress plus all third parties below – choose your theme, then click and read my review!

Studiopress is usually the first port of call to look for Genesis themes & it’s framework. There are however many other developers that create Genesis themes of which can be checked out on this site.

Genesis are considered one of the best because they’re sophisticated, offer lightweight top-notch coding, are SEO optimized, updates are a breeze, security is tighter than ever, huge selection of designs and are easily customized using the style.css.

Genesis plugins are easily accessible and there’s an active forum which offers its own unique community, for more in-depth information check out: How The Genesis Framework Spoon Feeds Your Site – Review!

There are so many positives to using Genesis that the list is endless, here is a breakdown to help you select a great theme Pros & Cons 15 Essential Steps Choosing A Genesis Child Theme.

Genesis themes are always accompanied with the framework on the site. You can however purchase the framework without a theme and use as is if you’re code savvy. StudioPress Third Party themes can also be viewed on this site, check out my page Current 3rd Party Themes At StudioPress. Please note that I only review HTML5 & mobile responsive versions due to Google now penalizing other versions.