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Genesis AgentPress Pro

Genesis AgentPress Pro Lowdown

This popular Genesis AgentPress pro was developed by Lauren Mancke at StudioPress. This awesome theme is specific for real estate websites, it is considered niche based and so offers a great way to get your website up and running fast.

Niche themes take a lot of weight off your shoulders and help you quickly get started because the layout and its features have been pre-planned especially for your online business. Its predecessor was a huge success, but this HTML version has proved to be even more successful!

View AgentPress Pro in action – You will be able to organize and categorize listings attractively. Plus, your readers who are searching for something specific will be able to find it using the special search feature, this will make it much easier for readers to find what they’re looking for quickly.

In my opinion, I believe the AgentPress offers a fresh interface to the world of real estate niche based themes. I have seen though that this theme has been used for schools, institutions, medical, health, non-profit organizations or used as a simple blog.

What Does The AgentPress Theme Offer?


You can make your real estate website function effectively without having to know or understand any coding. This theme has been thoroughly thought out for all beginners in mind. The backend custom post types and taxonomies have been pre-thought out for your site to function with little effort on your part whether you’re a novice or entrepreneur.

AgentPress is very clever at storing real estate details, it’s all coded into the theme. To make it function more efficiently, it is recommended that you use the Real Estate Plugin to help customize post type listings. Don’t worry if this sounds technical, in actual fact, the plugin makes everything so much easier.

AgentPress is actually a child theme built on the amazing Genesis framework by StudioPress. Check out Why Genesis is the Foundation of Any Smart WordPress Design?

With this amazing pre-coded system you can add feature images, prices, addresses, property sizes, property types, how many bedrooms or bathrooms, attic and/or basement, location using Google maps and much more. All this makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for and will help you attract more visitors. Pus, as a retail estate theme this has to be one of the best and I believe you won’t be disappointed.

It’s fast-loading with super flexible design, is creative and super clean; plus offers theme options and HTML5 markup. It is responsive on any device, offers powerful coding, compatible browser support with the most recent versions, can translate into any language you prefer, GPL license with Pro Plus, Customizer, unlimited domain usage and more. It’s got style and sass!

What More Is On Offer?

As with all Genesis themes, you’re free to omit or even change whatever you’d like, that’s the beauty of owning Genesis! Should you not want to use some widgets then that’s up to you, should you prefer just your blogroll then that’s also okay, should you want to add a slider or social media then your free to do so, you can add extra widgets and code snippets if you feel the need –  it’s all up to you!

Want to know how easily I designed this page, then check out my review: Thrive Architect – Everything Has A Beauty But Not Everyone Sees It!

Genesis themes have the potential to be customized how you like, just follow the support guidelines. Trust me, it’s easier than you think to add and take away CSS coding in their functions.php and style.css, they designed it this way to make it easy for you.

Setting up this theme is easy, but if you need a step-by-step tutorial, then StudioPress have it all laid out in simple steps to help you get up and running in no time. Check out my Free Tutorials For Genesis Themes for more help.

Genesis AgentPress Pro Features Recap

​Custom Header Logo

Custom Menu​

Background Images

Navigation Options

​Featured Images

Limited Color Options

Full Width

Layout Options x6

Schema Ready

​Developer License

Mobile Responsive

SEO Settings

​Google Fonts

​Threaded Comments

​Theme Customizer

​Translation Ready

Check out Why Genesis is the Foundation of Any Smart WordPress Design

Genesis AgentPress Pro is designed to be easily customized. You can choose any logo, menu, sub menu, link, button, background images, etc. You can utilize any and all homepage widget areas for your business needs.

More great features include:

  • Sidebar is 300px and content area is 500px.
  • Font family are Roboto and Sans-Serif; and font size is 18px.
  • Demo logo suggests 236px by 44px.
  • Genesis AgentPress Pro offers various widgets such as: Widgetized Home Page (Featured, Top, Middle 1, Middle 2, Middle 3, Bottom), 2 Footer (left, Right), Header Right, Primary Sidebar & Secondary Sidebar, Disclaimer, After Entry & Listing Archive.
  • Here are some plugin options to consider installing: Simple Social Icon, Genesis Simple Share, Genesis – eNews Extended, Genesis Simple Edits, WP Forms, Genesis Title Toggle, Real Estate Plugin, jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries.
  • This theme offers four color choices, which comprise of Red, Blue, Gold & Green.
  • There are 6 layouts which include Full-Width, Sidebar/Content/Sidebar, Sidebar/Sidebar/Content, Content/Sidebar, Sidebar/Content, Content/Sidebar/Sidebar.
  • AgentPress offers various template such as: Landing page, Blog page, Author page, Archive page & Contact page.

For more Genesis plugins check out Top Genesis Plugins That Provide Easy Customization’s & Extensions, and for a better blogging experience check out my Blogging Tools.

Want To See Some Action?

There’s nothing like seeing some real deal, checkout these amazing AgentPress Pro Websites to see what you could possibly achieve.

And, What Else Might You Like?

Sometimes you love a theme but feel the need for advanced editing options or you're simply craving to update your tired website. You're not on your own thinking that editing code can be daunting and scary. If you're looking for someone else to customize the look and feel of your site then you're in for a big surprise.

You'll be pleased to know that it's not a developer you need, but Design Palette Pro plugin. This steal deal $49 plugin allows you to edit and customize without touching a single piece of code. It works with any StudioPress Genesis theme, does not replace any original code inside your child theme, and it is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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Best Deal Yet

A few years ago I splurged on the StudioPress Pro-Plus All-Theme Package. That was the best decision I ever made because I now get access to every theme they've developed and all their new releases. It’s the best deal, especially if you like to update your theme from time to time like I do or own more than one website.

Is The Genesis AgentPress Pro Worth It?

Absolutely...this awesome Genesis real estate theme will help all savvy agents create a better online presence for their visitors to interact more efficiently. Showcasing your listings with the easy free plugin will also make your site more intuitive for your readers.

Your Next Step

Is to get your AgentPress theme up and running today with a one-time purchase fee, and unlimited updates and fantastic StudioPress support. It's a steal deal for Pro Plus members ie FREE to download. But, if you are new to the StudioPress community, you can buy AgentPress Pro including it's Genesis Framework for $99.95.


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