How to Generate Revenue & Drive Traffic to Your Website Easily

A lot of people are now cashing in wanting to generate revenue from blogging to supplement their current income with the plan to move into a new career or retire early. I started blogging early because I wanted freedom and good revenue when I eventually retire. 

Today, it's not the easiest of careers to start, you have to be prepared to wait because brand-new blogs can be difficult to attract. Google prefers to show-off the more established website so being seen can take time. There are however realistic ways around this and it's this that I want I to share with you.

testimonials Generating Revenue

I have made a lot of money online using various sources. I don't know why, but I started making money straightaway with this site, it started off with a little but grew quite quickly. In some cases I've heard of testimonials where bloggers have generated thousands straightaway. This isn't always the case with new blogs,in most cases revenue starts slow and progressively increases.

Maybe you need a little more reassurance, if this is you then check out this members testimonial at Wealthy Affiliate $5k per month is possible - Follow the training and you'll get results.

Is $5k per month is possible? Yes it is and of course if you work hard you can achieve more. I want to stress however that making money from blogging can be hard and a long journey, but the end result is worth it.

I started blogging because at the time I homeschooled my children. I  needed an avenue of escapism and a way to make some decent money without leaving the kids, blogging just so happen to work for me. Everyone's situation is different, but if you plan your day well it will work.

sources of Generating Income

There are 1000's of ways to generate revenue online and drive traffic to your website. Here are just a handful of ways to monetize your site:

  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon Associates
  • Ebay Partner
  • Chitika
  • Link Share
  • Kontera
  • JVZoo
  • Walmart
  • ShareAsale
  • Commission Junction
  • Market Health
  • Clickbank
  • Infolinks
  • E-Junkie
  • Best Buy
Generate Revenue

Other ways to make generate revenue is to use social media, help small businesses, create an eBook, create an offer or promote someone elses offer, and of course you can review products and promote them. And, Amazon Associates is very good at the moment, many bloggers use them to make good money by dedicating a whole website around one niche.

The key however to generating revenue and driving traffic to your site is building an email list. It's easy, safe and is very effective. An active email list is how you protect your blog from unpredictable Google updates that could cause a malfunction, and it allows you to promote your posts and products 24/7. 

What I Use to Generate Revenue

In short, my greatest monetization success are from Wealthy Affiliate, Thrive Themes, Amazo, Associates and ShareASale.

These are good reads: 

ShareAsale is huge, it's place where you can find many companies to promote them on your site. To use them effectively, you need a few to promote. As with any product you promote, you need to be using it. I do not promote anything on this site having not tested it first.

The products I promote are classified as affiliate marketing ads or affiliate programs. I create reviews to help other blog seekers make good choices.

The key to a successful online business and generating good revenue means to have more than one egg in your basket, and to have many baskets.

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How Advertising Creates Revenue

Advertising companies on your site means that company first needs to accept you. They then allow you to place their products and services on your website. You get paid when people click on their ads or when your readers buy a product or service through your given affiliate link.

Sounds easy doesn't it?

The truth is, it is that easy...most of the links on this page are affiliate marking links and many readers click on them because they love what I recommend.

Your Own Personal Product or Services

There are many ways to to create your very own personal success by creating your own product or service that is related to your niche. here is a service I have 24 Hour WordPress Theme Setup Package – Let’s Rock Your Online Presence.

For me, I have a crazy obsession to help people create an awesome website. I know how WordPress themes function, especially Genesis, so this is where my expertise comes into play.

Check out How The Genesis Framework Spoon Feeds Your Site for further insight.

Everyone has an ability to do something, sometimes you just have to start your site and allow it to progress. Even though I set goals for my site, I found it naturally evolves as I moved forward. During 2014, I would never have thought I'd be helping people in such a way as I do today.

How To Start Your Website

Once, you've developed your website ie added your theme and plugins you will be eager to get started.

To begin you will need to write about twenty unique articles, then and only should you start adding your product, ebook, pdf, services, ads or whatever you plan to use to generate revenue.

Want to know how easily I designed this page, then check out my review: Thrive Architect – Everything Has A Beauty But Not Everyone Sees It!

From here, you will want to start creating an email list by which you can help people further, here you will subtly promote your affiliate product or whatever you use.

To start an email list, you will need sign up to an autoresponder to such as Aweber. There are many others, but Aweber are one of the best.

Anatomy Of Building Traffic 

When it comes to building traffic to your site - it means getting visitors, which means real people reading your content.

A fully functioning website needs to attract visitors, without them your site will die. And, this means you'll eventually lack enthusiasm building your site and thus give up.

To move forward, everyone has to market their site, and how you do this depends what marketing method you implement. Essentially, your site is a shopfront and it’s your unique content that’ll serve as medium to connect to the world.

Once you have traffic (visitors), then you’ll earn revenue. This is the structure:

  1. Website (plus domain, hosting, WordPress installed, themes and plugins installed)
  2. Content
  3. Traffic 
  4. Revenue

Google is what we’re going to focus upon because they dominate over 65% – 95% of all searched traffic on desktops and mobiles. We must not exclude other search engines, but it stands to reason why we need to concentrate on Google more because businesses thrive from it.

Google offers the largest slice of the building traffic pie closely followed by Yahoo and Bing. One of the easiest ways to do this is to acquire some backlinks. There are many ways to acquire backlinks with minimal effort.

It can be done by writing or submitting articles to other blogs whereby you’d leave your website link, become a regular contributor in forums or message boards, commenting on niche related websites and social networking ie Twitter, Facebook etc.

My favorite of all time is using free social media, free or paid email newsletters such as Aweber, and paid advertising but of course this depends upon your budget. If paid advertising is something of interest, then you could look into avenues such as:

Rebranchable Traffic
Google Adwords

Beginners generally start a website within their desired niche or what they’re passionate about, create awesome unique content to encourage returning readers, setup social medias to share the latest articles and comment on other peoples websites.

Once newbies start earning revenue, they then have the option to use paid advertising.

To round up, commenting on other websites is awesome, but Google these days don’t encourage you to leave a backlink, in saying that if you come across a site with a high PR then I'd definitely make a comment and offer a link to my site if possible.

Google also sees your site valuable by the amount of comments your site has, comments stack up as part of your article. So, how can you acquire quality comments when just starting out with little or no traffic?

Well, I’m glad you asked…Wealthy Affiliate offer what is called a true Pay-it-forward fashion, which enables you to add comments to other sites before requesting comments on your own websites. It is currently the only system on the Internet whereby you can add a valuable comments to receive a valuable comment back, and to put the cherry on the cake this gives you lots of traffic which Google love. Read my article Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 – Build Your Empire, Retire & Start Living!

Wrapping Up How Generate Revenue & Traffic

Being self employed is very rewarding, but you have to work hard; since more than often, good-living just doesn't land on your lap.

We all know that you can't ditch your boss or think about quitting your job until you're making at least enough money to support yourself. Once you can support yourself, your business is then very much dependent on you.

When you start a website, it is all about trial and error, so depending upon the niche you choose, you'll find some things work and some don't. 

As said earlier, before monetizing your site you need at least twenty articles.

Once you have them loaded, you'll have an idea who your customers are and what problem you're trying to solve.

Once you know what you want to sell, go to Google and add product keyword + affiliate programs. This will bring up a bunch of companies that want your custom, check them out and sign up to the one most fitting for your website.

Feel free to sign up to Google Adsense as well, but remember even though you're permitted three ads it isn't wise to over-do-it as your readers may think your in this just for the money.

After approval you can grab your ad code, customize it to blend in with your site and then plop it in your sidebar widget to display on every post - it is that easy! With Adsense, you will get paid every time a visitor clicks on that ad.

Commissions can vary ie Adsense is literally pennies, but can stack up if you get tons of clicks. Product ads can vary from 10% to 70% plus. Some companies like Wealthy Affiliate and Thrive Themes offer residual income.

Want to know how easily I designed this page, then check out my review: Thrive Architect – Everything Has A Beauty But Not Everyone Sees It!

If you are completely new to internet marketing, I would suggest that you start out with affiliate marketing, as mentioned earlier. When you know how to get traffic and turn traffic into buyers, then you might want to move on and create your own product.

Benefits And Satisfaction Of Quitting Your Job

Tax benefits such as deducting all work related expenses, this is something you can't do when employed. 

  • ​You don't have to answer to anyone but yourself
  • You can take time out whenever you wish
  • You can travel and work at the same time, a few weeks or even a few months
  • You can live where you want
  • Enjoy more free time to spend with your family or build other businesses
  • You could become a boss yourself and employ people

It really is a no-brainer...can you see why I love being self-employed?

Quitting your job means you need to become a master at time management.

​You'll need to learn to take the hits and put your negative emotions in a box.

When you're your own boss, you don’t have supervisors that are looking over your shoulder to see if you are doing things right. However, you may have employees looking up to you!

This is why you need to learn to motivate yourself to work hard on those days when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Because you’ll always be the example of your own company, people will aspire to you whether you want them to or not. You don’t want them to pick up your bad habits.

I heard this saying once, I think it’s partly true so I’ll share it with you...‘Rot Starts from the Top’...true or not, this should inspire us all to live by example.

What if you're ill or have personal problems?...This definitely happened to me, when my daughter suddenly become very ill, self-employment suddenly become a real bonus.

This is the thing when you're in full-time employment, you’ll need to find the strength somehow to get through a hard day’s work.

Quitting your job and being your own boss means exactly this - being able to boss yourself around in order to get things done or not done!

Is it possible to be a boss without having responsibilities?...I think you’ve pretty much gathered that it’s impossible to become successful if you can’t man up to responsibilities. Being your own boss is a great thing, but it’s not easy sometimes. Though once you're established, you can do so much more!

And There You Have It

To check you've covered all the steps go here 6 Easy Steps to Creating a WOW Website...And, Build a Sustainable Business!

It doesn't matter how much blogging experience you have, you will always start where you're at and what you currently know. Eventually as your revenue increases, you'll gradually be able to dump the full-time employment to blog full-time on your site.

Just that thought a lone sounds so awesome!


You're talking to Sharon May...I love all things creative. Why not use my years of expertise to fast track your website? Today, let me show you how to make the right choices that will deliver! Explore the amazing things you can do when creating a website. Give yourself more power and less worry over what you can trust!

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