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Divi Builder

Divi Builder by Elegant Themes was born 2013, and is now one of the most popular and brilliant WordPress builders worldwide. It’s now well-known among newbies, and experts alike with over half million people now using it. Many developers are the first to recommend Divi simply because of its brilliant features.

Divi Theme & Divi Builder?

Divi is classed as the ultimate WordPress theme and builder in the world. With its visual page builder included called Divi Builder, both together are incredibly powerful.  Divi Builder enables you to use its features automatically with the Divi theme. When people say Divi as a stand alone word, it's fair to assume they're a talking about the whole package, ie theme and plugin.

The Divi builder became so popular when it first came on the scene that Elegant Themes decided to release it as a separate plugin to be used with any WordPress theme on the market.

Each month Elegant Themes create a showcase of websites creates using Divi, you may want to check it out, it's very insightful Divi Design Showcase: New Submissions from October 2018

Why Use Divi Builder?

Divi Builder is the first choice for many because it's the ultimate all-purpose builder that can virtually do anything, and is compatible with any WordPress theme. It's incredibly intuitive front end editor is like nothing you have seen before, for sure it will change the way you build websites forever.

It is beautiful, it is practical, it's affordable, and it's constantly updated. Divi is a visual page builder that allows you to design your own pages simply by dragging and dropping modules. This allows you to build complex pages insanely fast.

can Divi do Anything?

Divi Builder is a miracle blog maker, yes it can do almost anything except wash the dishes! It offers a better WYSIWYG than the WordPress editor and pretty much beats anything on the market. To keep tabs Stay up to date with Elegant Themes most recent news and updates

It offers in-line editing, draggable widths, customizable UI, drag & drop, responsive editing, instant content, is a good choice for SEO, and more. It is the all-in-one theme and content builder solution. It allows anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge or experience to create beautiful, complex, and professional looking websites.

Using the Divi Builder is very simple. You just go to your WordPress post or page editor and instead of working in WordPress editor you click the “Use the Divi Builder.” 

divi builder

Divi Builder Features

Its elements cater for every occasion and each module can be moved and configured in just a few seconds. Once you have created your perfect layout, you can save it and use it again on other pages, and can be exported to other sites you own. Check out this Divi documentation how to do.

Granted all these elements and modules appear complicated, and yes it does take time to master, but once you're familiar with how the module system works you will find it very easy. Here are a some Divi features to wet your appetite:

Real Time Design: Everything is updated instantly
Customize Everything: Adjust elements effortlessly
Organize With Ease: Rows and columns fit together perfectly
Little To No Loading: Is insanely fast, zero loading of any kind or refreshing
Import & Export: Save layouts for later use
Global Elements: Sync global items across multiple pages
Responsive Editing: Live responsive previews even in mobile mode
Mobile Responsive:
Layout on all devices are responsive
In-line Editing:
Allows you make quick changes without going to a new page
Instant Content:
Create quick content without leaving the editor
Draggable Widths:
quickly drag widths to any size
Just Click & Type:
Click and go with ease
RTL Translation:
Can translate into any language right to left.
*46 Content Elements: 
Mix, match and build anything you imagine (see below)
*Premade Layouts: 
30+ premade layouts readily available (see below)

*As noted above, Divi's 46 content modules you can create any layout imaginable, these are:

Blog with countless layout options
Call to actions
Selection of buttons
Countdown timer
Email optin
Filterable portfolio gallery
Images & Overlays
Sidebar options
Slider options
Social follow

Circle counter
HTML code option
Contact form
Number counter
Post navigation
Post slider
Post title
Videos & Video slider
Header options
Pricing table
Social follow

...and much more!

*As noted above, Divi Builder comes with more than 30 ready-made layouts for you to create the perfect homepage, blog page, eCommerce shop or products, projects, portfolio, posts, about us page, contact us page, coming soon page, splash page, landing page, maintenance mode page, etc. and much more in different styles, and all are customizable to your liking. 

It is also possible to save your own layouts to your Divi Library from your dashboard. There are separate options to manage export and imports to other websites.

Divi's Newbie Easy Route

If you're looking for the easy route, developers have created some professional child themes for Divi. You can edit or modify these themes according to your requirements. For some people this would be easier than trying to create their own look and feel theme.

They’re available in practically any niche such as consulting, restaurants, photography, health, education, eCommerce, and lots more. The awesome news is all child themes can be customized and some even provide new customizations. Even better news is some of these child themes are free.

Expand Using Plugins

Expand Divi using Elegant Themes plugins can give Divi excellent new features or enhance existing features, which are worth using. There are currently three plugins available for Divi, these are:

Divi Builder - as discussed it is a stand-alone drag & drop page builder plugin that works with any WordPress theme, we have covered some of its feature above.

Bloom - is the ultimate email opt-in plugin for WordPress. With Bloom, you can easily add opt-in forms to your website and harness complete control over the design and location of each.

Monarch - is hands down the best social sharing plugin for WordPress. Monarch was built to get you more shares and more followers using highly effective social sharing methods. 

Here's a great article instructing you how to create stunning and creative social follow designs Download a Unique Social Follow Design with 5 Color Palettes for Divi.

Divi Builder Support

Thrive Themes support is excellent, once signed up you will be taken to a dedicated Divi Builder in your new dashboard. You will find everything you need to get you started from basic tutorials, installing Divi on your website, ready-made layouts and customizing them, exploring Divi library, how to export and import and much more.

There is also an active forum to browse all sorts of topics and access other people work and downloads. It's worth checking out here Members Area download products and access tech support.

Comparing Divi With Its Rivalries

It's biggest competition are Thrive Themes, X, Elementor and a few others. I have seen reviews comparing Divi with Genesis Themes, there is no comparison because Genesis do not offer a drag and drop, and falls short of many features Divi offers. With Genesis you'd have to install Divi Builder, Thrive Architect or Elementor to achieve the same results. 

With Divi, you can create unique layouts using the drag and drop page builder. You can easily change from a blog layout to a magazine layout or switch to a business style layout. Divi Builder offers a lot of features that other themes simply cannot do. With Genesis I would have change the theme if I wanted to start out, but not with Divi.

Thrive Architect is currently the top of the market, they are indeed catching up with a new all-in-one theme builder. This is good news because Thrive Themes are an excellent choice. It is likewise a powerful visual editor that allows you to edit front-end and check your progress with the live preview at the same time.

Like Divi, Thrive Architect also offers are lots of custom elements to help you create unique post and page layouts. Check out Thrive Themes newest documentation for their all-in-one theme builder First Look at Our Upcoming Theme Builder

What do I like - Pros & Cons

I can't fault Divi at all, it's the only builder that I currently know of whereby you don't need ten more plugins for it to function. Divi is an all-one-builder and it's possibilities are endless; even the competition can't compare.

Because of Divi's complexity, sometimes there are plugin incompatibility issues. To be fair, Elegant Themes work hard at achieving peace with outside sources. From another angle, you rarely need other plugins because Divi offers most of what you need. 

Divi will not work if you disable it; but then what theme or plugin works when it's disabled?

As with all themes, you have to be pleased with its look and feel and possible capabilities before buying it. Since Divi is a massive theme some people may find its massive infrastructure, complexities and capabilities overwhelmingly. If you're a newbie there is a way round this frustration, developers have created Divi child themes. 

Overall though, it can take an hour or two to familiarize yourself with Divi, and once you've got the hang of it you'll be surprised how quick you can get started. 

What Now?

Elegant Themes offer a membership option rather than buy each theme and plugin separately. You're given complete access to 87 amazing themes, 3 awesome compatible plugins, including Divi, the ultimate WordPress Theme, Visual Page builder, premium unlimited support, improvements and updates, and unlimited usage.

Their pricing is simple, all you need to do is buy a single membership for one low price and get access to their entire collection and use on as many websites as you like including clients.

Yearly membership is $89 - This is the most popular package. It includes access to all themes and plugins, updates, premium support, and unlimited website usages.

Lifetime membership is $249 - This is a one off fee and is by far the best deal. It includes all of the above but is life-time with everything including all new plugins and themes.

Both plans are risk-free offering a 30-day money back guarantee allowing you to get a full refund should you be unsatisfied.


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