Free Tutorial For Genesis Themes: Creating A Custom 404 Page

Free Tutorial For Genesis Themes: Creating A Custom 404 Page

I'm going to show you how easy it is to create a custom 404 page to your Genesis theme without having to use a single piece of code. You can use this process for any WordPress theme.

The reason why you'd want this handy feature is that it's extremely important that your readers aren't redirected to another article on your site.

What if they don't like that post?...well they'll most certainly click off your site and go elsewhere to find what they want. To keep them on your site a little longer all you need to do is follow this easy guide.

Let's face it, the standard WordPress 404 page sucks, it's dead boring to say the least. It's for this reason so many website owners are getting create and are making their own...some are so cool! If you've got a creative edge, then why not spend some time developing your own.

How To Create a Custom 404 Page

This image was taken from one of my websites Back to Beautiful before I revamped the 404 page. I will take you through four easy steps how I created my own custom 404 page for that site. I couldn't demonstrate it for this site because Bloggers Refuge uses Thrive Themes which comes pre-loaded with a 404 option.

Follow my four easy steps below and check out my end result.

Step 1. Head over to your WordPress plugins to load and activate the Genesis 404 Page Plugin. Please ignore that it suggests it's been untested...Genesis plugins usually work forever. If you are use a WordPress theme not a Genesis theme, you can use any 404 plugin, follow their instructions carefully as they may be slightly different to this guide.

Step 2. Go to your Genesis settings as in my image to locate your 404 Page. Click on the highlighted 404 Page.

Step 3. Once your custom 404 page is loaded, you can add a title, an image and create a link preferably to your homepage or blog. Now click on the full-width page layout and save your work. 

Step 4. You can check your custom 404 page by creating a silly link, I just added the word 'yes' after my url. 

And, there you have it your prefect custom 404 page. 

Theme Of The Month At StudioPress

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So, if you're looking to alter your Genesis theme then that's cool, it's easier than it looks. But, if you're 'for whatever reason' you're fed up of coding and think you might like another Genesis, then take a read of my article Top 10 Best Selling Themes From StudioPress – You’ll Love This Month These are literally StudioPress' top sellers...take a look because you might be surprised what you see!

Genesis are considered one of the best themes because they’re sophisticated, offer lightweight top-notch coding, are SEO optimized, are HTML 5, are schema ready, updates are a breeze, security is tighter than ever, and can easily customized. There are so many positives to using Genesis that the list is endless. 


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