StudioPress Pro Plus Package Review – Never Shop For Themes Again!

To help you in your search for that all-exclusive and perfect theme design, we’ll be looking at StudioPress Pro Plus — one of the best-known, and most established players in the business! Genesis themes are considered an all-in-one theme with accompanied compatible plugins. These type of ‘all-in-one’ themes are currently all the rage and are […]

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Genesis vs Thrive Themes – Be Informed Choose The Right Tools!

What’s the difference between Genesis vs Thrive Themes? When I first started blogging I used free themes, but after several months swapping, revamping and never being satisfied with their limitations I decided it was high-time to buy a good quality theme.  That decision led me to buy a Genesis theme from StudioPress, and shortly after I bought […]

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Top Genesis Plugins That Provide Easy Customizations & Extensions

Today, there are many plugins available for WordPress themes, but when you own a Genesis theme you might prefer to use Genesis plugins for your website because their coding is compatible; as such, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you won’t experience any incompatibility issues. One thing that I love about Genesis themes is that ​they […]

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