10 Best Selling Themes from StudioPress – You’ll Love This Last Month Oct 2018!

Here are some of the latest best selling themes from StudioPress for Oct 2018, it's just what you've been waiting for. They report monthly on all Genesis themes sold throughout their website, including all third-party themes.

A good way of explaining Genesis themes is that firstly you have a main frame, which is called the Genesis Framework. Secondly, this Framework is supported and enhanced by installing one of the many child themes - see below. Together, they create a solid foundation for your website.

This month are exactly the same top ten as as the previous month, but they've moved around slightly. This month, Foodie Pro is their number one best-seller, followed by their well known third-party Essence Pro.

1. Foodie Pro - $129.95

 Foodie was built specifically for foodie lovers, I’ve seen many awesome sites built with it and they look awesome, I hope yours is next! If I was considering to set up a foodie website, this theme would be one of my first choices. Though classed as minimal, it offers more than the eye can see and it’s very glamorous, clean, flexible and is limitless.

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Genesis Foodie Pro

2. Essence Pro - $129.95

Essence Pro is a beautiful, clutter-free theme for sites in the health, wellness, and lifestyle niches. Designed for simplicity, both at the exterior and on the back end, allowing you and your readers to focus on the essentials. It's beautifully minimal with clean typography, plenty of white space making viewing simply gorgeous.

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3. Magazine Pro - $99.95

Magazine offers distraction-free viewing, clearly displays your content and images, and offers huge flexibility for news readers, plus its amazingly clean typography and responsive viewing won’t be missed by any reader. This theme is designed to get your content and images straight to your audience in the most efficient way possible. 

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Magazine Pro

4. Mai LifeStyle Pro - $129.95

If you’re looking for a high-performance theme that's powerful, customizable and smart with plenty of action then your wait is finally over. Mai Lifestyle was designed with optimized coding guaranteeing you a rocket fast website. It is clean and provides outstanding features that intuitively give your site personalization in no time...

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Mai LifeStyle Pro

5. Author Pro - $99.95

 There is no better theme than the lightweight Author Pro to enhance your business. Whether you’re an author, publisher or a blogger selling an array of books, this high-five theme will take your business to the next level, it will supercharge your site in no time and your reads will love you for it!

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Genesis Author Pro

6. Corporate Pro - $129.95

Corporate is a smart investment for businesses that are are determined to make a lasting impression. It's high-performance, easy to use with simple but extraordinary features, it's versatile and is easily customizable. It raises the bar for Genesis themes with it's smart new features such as the One Click Demo Import, AMP support and more.

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Magazine Pro

7. Refined Pro - $129.95

It's big and it's a likable theme with a fresh design, it gives scope for your big ideas and offers authority. This design will easily capture and demonstrate your grand ideas, expertly accentuate your most important information, strong online presence, give lasting trust to visitors, and it will work clearly and intuitively.

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8. Business Pro - $129.95

Business won’t necessarily make you an instant pro, but it will make your business look like the only pro to do business with! It is elegantly bold, stylishly modern and offers a business look and feel. It is ready to work for you and your clients,

and is built to turn prospects into customers, and take your business to the next level.

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9. AgentPress Pro - $99.95

AgentPress offers a fresh interface to the world of real estate niche based themes. You will be able to organize and categorize listings attractively. Your readers will be able to find anything using the special search feature much easier and find what they’re looking for quickly. It is very clever at storing real estate details.

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Genesis AgentPress Pro

10. Authority Pro - $129.95

If you’re looking for a big theme for big ideas, then your wait is over. I use this theme for my other site; it delivers, it’s easy to set up, it’s layout is gorgeous, and out of all their themes Authority mobile responsiveness is perfect. It was designed to easily capture and demonstrate your likable expertise and grand ideas.

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Genesis Authority Pro

Which is My Favorite Theme?

My most favorite themes from this list has to be Genesis Mai Lifestyle Pro and Genesis Authority Pro. I realize both are different, but may be that's a good thing because you can choose the one that you feel would suit your niche better. 

Are you undecided?

To help you in your search for that all-exclusive and perfect theme design, have you considered looking at their StudioPress Pro Plus — one of the best-known, and most established players in the business!

All Genesis themes are considered an all-in-one with accompanied compatible plugins. These type of 'all-in-one' themes are currently all the rage and are a must-have if you love Genesis.

Sometimes StudioPress offer incredible discounts, as much as $100 off. Their offers come and go throughout the year but one thing I believe, is that, the the Pro Plus should be grabbed whether on special offer or not. Genesis themes are so awesome with or without a discount because they're considered a lifetime investment! Check out StudioPress' Offers.

StudioPress and WP Engine have teamed up together offering an all-in-one solution. May be you're interested in hosting? If so, when you buy WP hosting you will get StudioPress' themes free. This is an unbeatable offer and worth investigating. Check out WP Engine offers!


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