Free Tutorial For Genesis Themes: How to Add Custom CSS Styles

I'm going to show you how easy it is to add custom css to your existing Genesis theme without using a plugin.

Custom CSS Styles

​WordPress 4.7 offered an amazing update, they added the optional 'Additional CSS' within the customizer. It was a long awaited update because before that you had to load and activate yet another plugin.

Well good bye Custom CSS Plugins...​though I'm not sure the developers would appreciate it.

Today, you can safely add custom css​ to customize the look and feel of your Genesis child theme. It's important for me note that the custom CSS you add will not be overwritten when there's a Genesis theme update.

Another important note for me to add is that this bonus isn't just for Genesis themes, but is for all themes that use WordPress.​

How To Add Custom CSS in Your Customizer

Head over to your WordPress customizer, to do this go to Appearance > Customize to access the Customizing Additional CSS. 

Click on Additional CSS to open it up, do not remove the script at the top. Add your css styling then save and publish your changes.

To tweak your theme, check out Firebug lite add-on for Chrome and Firefox. Load to the browser and right click the area you're wanting to change. A box will pop up, you can mess around with the code without it ruining your theme.

If you like your changes, copy the new code and add it to your Additional CSS, this how I always work and change my themes.

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